Friday, September 13, 2013

Nutcracker, School, Gymnastics, Soccer, Swimming, Imagineering.

Those are things we are doing. Right now. Maybe in that order...

Brother is back in the Nutcracker, and they asked him to perform in two casts this year. He didn't get Fritz but he's excited to get to be in twice the amount of shows. We're hoping they'll have the orchestra in the final show December 23rd, because the final show is our favorite show and he's going to be performing in it along with 10 others shows.

So as you can see, given we have but one mother, we are busy, busy, busy, busy peoples. So busy! So, so, so very, very, super-extra busy!

We aren't online that much! But we are still doing our thing. Trust you us people, we are working! Little by little we are ordering Lego gnomes to double as dwarfs and Mom and Brother are figuring out how to build a Snow White Lego piece. I don't speak Lego like those two nerds do but they're piecing together a Snow White somehow.

Don't forget our version of the Snow White Mine Train ride, which is supposed to be for Disneyland the Original (I just gave it that name, cuz it's the original Disney theme park), is stuck between Fantasyland and Frontier Land, kind of across from Thunder Mountain Railroad. (we don't actually know if it ought to go there, we've only been to Disneyland ONCE our WHOLE LIVES! And we were little kindergarteners! We don't remember the lay of the land but we're guessing using park maps and a new Disneyland puzzle Mom got) 1/3 of the mountain dedicated to a Pecos Bill dark ride. How we will translate this into a Lego model, I have no idea but we just will!

Ok, that's enough jibber-jabbering for now, we'll update you all later!